The City Hall of Saratov, Russia wrote an obituary about a prisoner who died in Ukraine and was sentenced to 19 years for double murder

Anna Kholodnova

Saratov City Hall published an obituary dedicated to Boris Aleksandrovich Botsmanov, who died in the war with Ukraine. The same was the name of a 32-year-old prisoner who in 2018, was sentenced to 19 years in a high-security prison on charges of a double murder with extreme cruelty to cover up another crime. The verdict was handed down by the Saratov Regional Court.

The Insider publication writes about it.

One of the authors of the obituary was the governor of the Saratov region, Roman Busargin.

"On the battlefield, he showed an example of exceptional courage and bravery. We are proud of the brave act of our countryman and will keep his memory alive for many years. I express my deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of the fallen serviceman," he wrote.

The obituary was also signed by the mayor of Saratov, Lada Mokrousova.

"He did not spare his life for the sake of the future of our country and did everything to make this future peaceful. It is impossible to describe all the pain and bitterness of the loss that we share with the family and friends of Boris Aleksandrovich Botsmanov. I offer them my sincerest condolences. The memory of the hero will forever remain in our hearts," she added.

The publication "Taiga.Info" drew attention to the fact that the boatman is the full namesake of the murderer. In 2018, he was drinking with his friend and his girlfriend, and then a conflict broke out between them. Botsmanov took a knife and fatally stabbed the man in the chest, after which he killed the woman with two blows to the chest and neck.