In Chechnya, they announced plans to produce “jihad-mobiles”. Similar cars were used by ISIS terrorists

Oleg Panfilovych

The government of Chechnya has announced plans to start production of a military vehicle at the base of the Chechenavto plant, which has already received the name "jihad machine".

According to the Russian propaganda media, these products should be tested on the basis of the "Russian Special Forces University".

The purpose of the car is not disclosed. Defense Express explains that "jihad car" or "jihad mobile" is a term used to refer to cars that are packed with explosives and driven by suicide bombers. The task of the suicide bomber is to direct the car towards the enemy and explode with it. To do this, the car is covered with armor, which should protect it from the fire of small arms.

In addition, the local government of Chechnya plans to create a center for the repair and maintenance of military equipment.