“A person dies in baptism.” In occupied Zaporizhzhia, an ROC priest baptized the invaders in bags for the dead

Oleg Panfilovych

On the occupied territory of Ukraine, the Russian priest Viktor Ivanov baptized the soldiers of the Russian Federation in packages for transporting the bodies of the dead.

Insider writes about it.

The archpriest of Ufa came to Ukraine in the war zone "to support" Russian soldiers. He published a photo of the process on his page in the social network (due to the geotag, it happened in Zaporizhzhia region).

According to Ivanov, the military themselves turned to him with a request to baptize them. Baptizing basins could not be found, so black plastic bags, which were intended for "cargo 200", were used as a vessel for baptism.

"They placed an ammunition box on a fallen tree, covering it from the inside with a plastic bag. A large Kazan icon of the Mother of God was installed on it. A cardboard box was brought for the legs, which was also covered with a sack," the priest wrote.

According to him, this baptism had its own symbolism.

"In baptism a person dies to sin. They were baptized in funeral packages; a new person is born — a warrior of Christ, and they put their hands in the ammunition box. Godʼs grace for Christians is like ammunition for soldiers," Ivanov noted.