In Poland, a local party organized a rally against the reception of migrants from Ukraine. No one came to participate

Oleg Panfilovych

In the Polish city of Syanok, which is located near the Ukrainian border, nationalists were going to organize a rally against the reception of refugees from Ukraine. However, no one came to this event.

This is written by the Notes from Poland resource.

The action was organized by the Konfederacja ("Confederation") party. It promotes the slogan "Letʼs stop the Ukrainization of Poland." The party, which has long opposed mass immigration from Ukraine, claims that Ukrainian refugees receive "benefits" that Poles do not have.

Party activist Karolina Pikula organized another protest against the "Ukrainization of Poland" in Syanko. However, no one showed up for the event, which Pikula broadcast live on YouTube. Only one man showed interest, he came to argue with her.

After Polish media reported on the "turnout" at the rally, Pikula tweeted that she would "continue to do her work relentlessly against the deliberate colonization of Poland by Ukraine."