The Ministry of Environmental Protection of Lithuania will monitor the contents of street toilets

Anna Kholodnova

The Ministry for Environmental Protection of Lithuania has announced that it will count the amount of contents in street toilets.

Delfi writes about it.

The ministry will create an information system that will contain data on waste removal. If it turns out that people rarely call sanitation workers or use cars that are too small, they will face large fines.

The companies that deal with the removal of such waste will indicate how much waste has been removed from a particular toilet, and the companies that receive the waste must confirm that the specified amount has been brought to them.

"Minimum requirements will be established: how many times a year it is operated, how much waste should be accumulated," said Vice Minister Raminta Radavichene.

The Minister for Environment Simonas Gentvilas said the new system would also help to count all unauthorized street toilets, and their users would also receive fines.

Residents of all settlements in Lithuania, where more than 2,000 people live, must abandon outdoor toilets by 2023. The country undertook to do this according to EU directives.