A reforestation company burned 14 hectares of trees in Spain

Anna Kholodnova

In Bubjerk, Spain, the reforestation company Land Life started a 14-hectare forest fire.

Vice writes about it.

The fire started when a contractor planting trees accidentally ignited sparks. Due to this, the fire engulfed the nearby trees.

“The fire started when one of our contractors was using a backhoe to prepare the soil for planting trees next winter. Operators notified emergency services. Emergency crews are working around the clock to bring the fire under control and have thankfully established a fire perimeter. Nevertheless, we are saddened by the latest estimates that the damage will amount to about 14 hectares," the company stated.

Because of the fire, local authorities were forced to evacuate about 2 000 people from five neighboring towns, as well as from a home for the elderly.

This is not the first forest fire caused by this reforestation company — on June 20, it sparked another fire that destroyed 0.49 hectares of green space.

"It is not good that they continue to work despite the fact that this [fire] has already happened once. The government of Aragon, instead of recommending the cessation of the activity, should have banned it, because there is time to replant these hills, where the fire ignites as soon as they throw iron on stone," the mayor of the municipality of Bubierka told local media.