Russia said that North Korean workers will help rebuild occupied Ukrainian cities

Anhelina Sheremet

The Russian ambassador to the DPRK, Oleksandr Matsegora, said that workers from North Korea can be brought in to restore destroyed and occupied Ukrainian cities.

Matsegora stated this in an interview with "Izvestia", writes The Insider.

"There are prospects for cooperation between the DPRK and the "republics of Donbas", and they are quite large. Highly qualified, hardworking and ready to work in the most difficult conditions, Korean builders will be a very serious help in solving the tasks of restoring destroyed social, infrastructural and industrial facilities," said Matsegora.

Also, according to him, North Korea is "extremely interested" in producing spare parts in the occupied territories of Ukraine for its industrial equipment, which was created back in the times of the USSR.

North Korea is one of the worldʼs most backward and closed countries with a strict totalitarian regime. Many international ratings do not even rate it because they do not have reliable data, and the DPRK has been under UN sanctions for producing nuclear weapons for a long time.