A teacher from Lithuania accidentally fell under EU sanctions instead of the head of LPR

Kostia Andreikovets

Russian language teacher from Kaunas (Lithuania) Serhii Kozlov was sanctioned by the European Union instead of the head of the so-called LPR.

Lithuania Posts writes about it.

The name and surname of the teacher coincide with the name and surname of the Russian militant. This summer, he stopped receiving salary on his bank card, and his payments began to be blocked. The bank told Kozlov that he was listed as a "terrorist". The man complains that he cannot buy anything online and constantly has to prove his non-involvement with the "LPR".

The teacher said that his namesake from Vilnius faced the same problems. "He also has the same problems, because he had to send a certificate from his workplace to the bank that he is not a terrorist, as they think," Kozlov said.

  • The traitor to Ukraine Serhiy Kozlov, a former Ukrainian military man, has been the head of the government of the Russian entity "LPR" since 2015. In April 2022, the European Union introduced sanctions against him, which block accounts and prohibit entry into the EU.