The best Russian university will train political scientists-experts in countering “color revolutions”

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

A new program on countering "color revolutions" is being introduced at Russiaʼs Moscow State University. It will be available only to masters.

Radio Svoboda writes about it.

A new masterʼs program will be opened at the Faculty of Political Science. Specialists will be trained there "in the field of countering the technologies of modern information, hybrid, trade wars and color revolutions."

The program will be called "Information and Hybrid Wars". During the first recruitment, it is planned to recruit 20 students who will study such subjects as "Psychology of extreme situations", "Neuro-linguistic programming and other techniques of effective communication in politics", "Features of countering modern technologies of color special military and police operations", "Special propaganda and the fight against fakes in the conditions of special military and police operations" and many others.

Moscow State University is the best higher education institution in Russia. It ranks 75th in the ranking of all universities in the world.

The Russian authorities call any democratic and pro-Western protest actions in other countries, mainly European, aimed at changing the government or the countryʼs political course, color revolutions. According to the Kremlin, all such actions are coordinated and financed by the West, and especially the USA. In particular, the Rose Revolution in Georgia, the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, mass protests against Lukashenko in Belarus in 2020 and many others were called color revolutions in the Russian government.