In Saudi Arabia, rainbow-colored clothing and toys are confiscated from stores — “they encourage homosexuality”

Anhelina Sheremet

Saudi authorities are seizing rainbow-colored toys and childrenʼs clothing because they "encourage homosexuality."

This was reported by the BBC with reference to the state television of Saudi Arabia Al-Ekhbariya.

Thus, officials from the Ministry of Trade seized a number of goods from stores in the capital Riyadh. Among them were hairpins, pop-ups, T-shirts, hats and pencil cases — these items "contradict the Islamic faith and public morals and promote homosexual shades aimed at the younger generation."

The Ministry of Trade wrote on Twitter that its teams were confiscating "goods that contain symbols and signs that call for rejection and are contrary to common sense." Stores where such goods are found will be prosecuted.

Although there are no laws on sexual orientation or gender identity in Sunni Muslim-ruled Saudi Arabia, sexual intercourse outside of marriage, including homosexual sex, is strictly prohibited. According to the interpretation of Islamic law in the country, same-sex sexual intercourse by mutual consent is punishable by death or beating, depending on the "seriousness of the case." It is also illegal for men to "behave like women" or wear womenʼs clothing and vice versa.