Russian Defense Ministry issues footage from training base in Belgorod for footage from the battlefield in Ukraine

Kostia Andreikovets

Russiaʼs Defense Ministry once again lied and published a fake. This time, the agency released footage from the training unit in Belgorod for footage from the battlefield in Ukraine.

Reports with a propaganda video about the work of repair units "during the military operation" were published on the agencyʼs social networks on May 12. In the video, an anonymous Russian military man talks about the evacuation of a tank with the letter Z, whose engine is then changed in the field. All this takes place with the soundtrack of the heroic music of American composer Kevin Ricks.

However, Nastoyaschee Vremya found that the Defense Ministry forgot to delete the metadata from the file. This helped to establish the true location of the filming — this is not Ukraine, but 357th training center of the Russian military and space forces, located in the west of Belgorod.