The Buryat occupier stole a street surveillance camera from Lyman and installed it in his apartment. It still broadcasts in Ukraine

Kostia Andreikovets

A Russian occupier from Buryatia Republic stole a street video surveillance camera in Lyman, Donetsk region and brought it home as a souvenir, but apparently did not understand how to use it, as the owner of the camera now has access to it.

This was reported by Ukrainian blogger Yan Gordiienko, who published screenshots and video recordings from the occupantʼs room on his Instagram account. At the same time, the new owner of the camera clearly does not understand that filming is being conducted from his home.

Gordiienko said that the occupier stole the camera from his friendsʼ house. After returning to Buryatia, the owner of the camera noticed that it had become active again and turned it on. The war criminal and his family donʼt even understand that the camera continues to transmit a signal to Ukraine, and now its owner can observe what is happening in the occupierʼs room.