A kangaroo killed a man who kept it as a pet in Australia

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

In Australia, a kangaroo killed a man who kept it as a pet. The police, who arrived on the call, had to shoot the kangaroo.

The BBC writes about it.

Relatives found a dead 77-year-old man in his own house in the city of Redmond, which is located in the west of Australia. He had many injuries.

When medics and the police arrived at the scene, the kangaroo did not allow them to approach the manʼs body. Because of this, the police had to shoot the animal. The doctors confirmed the death of the man.

Kangaroos have "many weapons," including sharp teeth, claws, and strong legs. However, experts emphasize that they almost never attack people. The last known case of human death associated with a kangaroo in Australia dates back to 1936.

"The problem with kangaroos and humans is that we are both upright animals, we stand on two legs, and that upright posture is a challenge to the male kangaroo," said kangaroo behavior expert Graham Coulson.

Despite the absence of fatal cases, people still suffer injuries after encounters with kangaroos. For example, in July, a 67-year-old woman suffered cuts and a broken leg after being attacked by a kangaroo. And in March, the animal attacked a three-year-old girl, who suffered head injuries.