In Britain, a woman attended her own funeral in the form of a hologram and spoke with relatives

Anna Kholodnova

The founder of the British Holocaust Center, Marina Smith, gave a speech and answered questions from the audience at her own funeral thanks to holographic artificial intelligence technology.

The Telegraph writes about it.

Marina Smith died in June at the age of 87. But thanks to the StoryFile technology, the woman appeared at her own funeral. The founder of StoryFile is her son, Stephen Smith, who lives in Los Angeles. Mrs. Smith was one of the first to use the new technology. This allowed her to give a short speech about her life and answer questions from those present at the farewell ceremony.

"Mum answered questions from grieving relatives after they watched her cremation. What was remarkable was that she answered their questions with new details and honestly. People feel braver by writing down their messages. Grieving people can get a freer and truer version of their lost loved one," noted Stephen Smith.

How does it work?

20 cameras capture on video the answers of a still living person to various questions. Analysts then analyze the video and train artificial intelligence to select the correct answers to questions that people ask the hologram after death.

That is, artificial intelligence does not just answer questions according to pre-recorded scenarios, but recognizes signals from the audience and starts the appropriate video.

Stephen Smith explained that the personality assessment is based on 250 000 potential questions.

People choose their favorite topics, such as careers, relationships and childhood secrets, and answer questions they think their loved ones might want answered in the future.