In Moscow, a deputy requested the addresses of bomb shelters in case of nuclear war. He was refused because it is a “keeperʼs secret”

Kostia Andreikovets

The Moscow authorities refused to name the addresses of bomb shelters because it is classified information.

This was reported by Yevhen Stupin, a member of the Moscow City Duma from the CPRF.

The communist submitted a request to the city government regarding the addresses of bomb shelters in five districts of the capital of the Russian Federation, as well as a request for information on whether they meet the established standards. Stupin motivated this by the fact that "state propaganda and individual deputies periodically threaten foreign countries with nuclear strikes" and it is obvious that the risk of retaliatory strikes is extremely high.

In response, the communist received a letter from the deputy mayor of Moscow, Petro Biryukov, in which it is said that the location of the bomb shelters is a "state secret." At the same time, in the letter, he also calls bomb shelters protective structures of civil defense, but civilians themselves, given Biryukovʼs answer, cannot know where they should hide in case of nuclear strikes.

"That is, he refused to tell us where to hide in the event of an emergency. Itʼs scary to imagine what such "secret" can lead to when at X moment no one will know where to go. We will ask the prosecutorʼs office to check the buildings and their mysterious "secrecy," Stupin said.