In Russia, again talked about biological weapons in Ukraine: cholera in Mariupol and tuberculosis money in the so-called “Luhansk Peopleʼs Republic”

Anhelina Sheremet

The Russian Ministry of Defense has issued another statement on "biological weapons in Ukraine and the involvement of the United States."

So, on Wednesday, May 11, with these "statements" the chief of troops of radiation, chemical, and biological protection of the armed forces of Russia Igor Kirilov made these "statements". Here is what he said:

  • "The United States used Mariupol as a center for the collection and certification of cholera."
  • "Counterfeit money infected with drug-resistant tuberculosis was distributed in the Luhansk Peopleʼs Republic."
  • "[Pharmaceutical companies] Pfizer and Moderna have been involved in US military-biological activities in Ukraine."
  • "Russiaʼs Ministry of Defense has data on US experiments on patients at a psychiatric hospital near Kharkiv."
  • "Russia is aware of Ukraineʼs preparations for provocations to accuse the Russian military of using weapons of mass destruction."

These are not the first "statements" of Russia on this topic. There have already been accusations that the United States wanted to spread the virus to Russia by infected birds flying between Ukraine and Russia ( here ), that NATO biolabs operate in Ukraine ( here ), and that American laboratories in Ukraine conducted experiments with coronavirus ”( here ).